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Handmade Bath & Body Products

Formby Point Shampoo Bar
The Calm Whipped Body Butter
Conditioning Shampoo Bars
The Lady Bath Bomb
Camellia & Shea Lip Balms

Filigree Soaps will return to face to face markets in March 2024

In recent times, the importance of washing our hands is at the forefront of our minds and doing so countless times a day inevitably affects the skin’s natural moisture barrier. With this in mind I formulated a soap recipe that has very high conditioning and much lower cleansing than some of the more harsher soaps available. This doesn’t mean the soap is less effective, real ‘soap’ as a substance is antimicrobial. The aim was; to formulate a soap that cleans well but doesn’t wash away too much of the skin’s natural oil layer.

I love Shea butter. It doesn’t clog pores (non-comedogenic), it suits all skin types, absorbs easily and leaves your skin feeling softer and moisturised but doesn’t look greasy. All of my formulated products contain and wherever possible revolve around this amazing ingredient.

I use 100% vegetable oils in my soaps, making them suitable for vegans. There are also palm-free options, although the palm-oil I use is always RSPO certified.